Fri, Apr/18/2014
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   Products and Services

Graphic Design & Multimedia

Our work includes:
a) Finished Artwork
b) Graphic Design for:
   - Corporate Identity Design
    - Stationery Design
    - Newsletter Publishing
    - Book / Magazine Design
    - Event Promotion Design
    - Calendars
    - Packaging Design
c) Multimedia Design for:
    - Powerpoint Presentation
    - Digital Video Production (Short Clips)
    - Web Page Design


Welding   Welding   Welding

The services of the Welding Department
Basically, the products are based on customer's order. The worshop has the expertise to produce quality products in metal fabrication.
The products of this workshop are:
a) Swing, Slide, See Saw - for general use
b) Children Rocker - specially for kids / children
c) Mini Merry Go Round - home / kindergarten use
d) Candle Stand, Flower pot stand
e) Kennel for pets



Our services include:
a) Design & Artwork
b) Platemaking
c) Printing (4 color)

- Stationery (Letterheads, name card,

  receipts, invoice, etc.
- Books
- Pads
- Greeting Cards
- Paper Cutting
- Binding
- Stage Backdrop
- Sticker Cutting


Motor Mechanics
    Motor Mechanics   Motor Mechanics   Motor Mechanics

Montfort Boys Town Service Centre
a) Normal Lubrication Service - change of oil, oil filter, spark plugs
b) Engine tune up - check plugs, Co2, Timing

c) Service of brake system - check brake shoes, brake pad, pump seals &                     

    brake fluid
d) Service of air con system
e) Car washing and vacuum
f) Car polishing
g) Major overhaul of engine.
h) Radiator service
i) Wheel alignment (Toe in / Toe out only)
j) Wheel balancing
k) Service of suspension system - checking of absorbers



The machining processes that can be done in Machine Shop
a) Treading
b) Boring
c) Knuring

d) Tapering

e) Drilling
f) Reaming
g) Tapping
h) Slotting
i) Surface Grinding
j) E.d.m.
k) Milling


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